Our Services

HVAC Solutions

Providing a broad range of climate cooling solutions, Air Master offers the following services to it clients.

Air Conditioning

Air Master has built itself a great reputation in the industry for having undertaken and completed several projects in the field. Our expertise and team of qualified engineers and technicians work together to understand the needs and requirements of our clients – delivering a high-performance air conditioning experience.


Good air conditioning is built on having a good ventilation system in place. Our ventilation contracting services ensure that the air is always clean, with a constant flow of fresh air in and out.

Maintenance & Ducting

Although most heating/ cooling systems have a dual approach, they share a common duct system to help distribute conditioned air throughout the structure. The size of the ducts depends on the cooling/ heating systems used, and the availability of space.

Air conditioning and ventilation systems require regular maintenance and upkeep in order to keep them functioning efficiently. Our technicians are quite adept at maintenance and servicing such as windows, chiller units, split, central ducted units, package units, VRF systems, and ventilation systems.

Zoning Systems

The implementation of a ‘Zoning System’ is an excellent and efficient solution to increase your home comfort. With a proper zoning system, you’ll be able to control the temperature of each ‘zone’ individually.

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