Air Master
HVAC Contractor

Air Master is a leading Air conditioning and ventilation company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. With many years of experience, Air Master has become synonymous with all things AC related.

HVAC Solutions

Providing a broad range of climate cooling solutions, Air Master offers the following services to it clients.

Air Conditioning Contracting

We strive to deliver a high-performance air conditioning experience.


Our ventilation services will ensure that the air is always clean with a constant flow of fresh air.


Our ducting system will help distribute conditioned air throughout the structure.

Zoning Systems

With a proper zoning system, you’ll be able to control the temperature of each ‘zone’ individually.


Air conditioning systems require regular maintenance in order to keep them functioning efficiently.


Our team of engineers will visit the site to assess the necessary requirements.

We Are Trusted By More Than 100 Clients

Air Master bases its work on the following values: Innovation, Integrity, Honesty, High Standards, and Internal Quality.

Our Team

The Air Master team is compromised of a highly-skilled team of field specialists and professionals. The highly experienced management and the technical team pride themselves on delivering quality designs, easy and straight to the point climate cooling solutions.

Why Choose Us

We provide all types of logistics services, applying a uniform standard of quality and customer service technologies.

Quick Quote

Thank you for your interest in our HVAC solutions and services. Upload any drawings or maps of the site/building/house if you have.